Christopher Nolan to shoot the ‘Wall Street Protests’

We all know that Mr. Christopher Nolan likes to play things a little bigger. When his films are not big in scale or premise, they are certainly big in plot and concept. So big, so that you, as the viewer must see it more than once in order to comprehend the puzzles, clues and the beauty. Like everyone else, I am eagerly waiting for his next little movie called The Dark Knight Rises, scheduled to hit the screens in summer of 2012.

Mr. Nolan has been shooting his final batman film in Los Angeles in recent weeks, but now he’s moving to New York to shoot some few important scenes there. According to an article published on Los Angeles Times, Mr. Nolan likes to take the advantage of the Wall Street protests. The reason behind the strike in New York is not relevant to The Dark Knight Rises’ script or storyline, it looks like Mr. Nolan’s plan is to shoot few scenes just to use the protesters as a backdrop to give that particular scene a natural feel.

The New York casting calls says that the characters will inhabit “a city besieged by crime and corruption.” The shooting in New York will start on October 29th.