Hasbro desires ‘Transformers’ 4 & 5

I am fond of the concept and the action sequences in the films, yet I am exhausted though. I know there are some who are eagerly looking forward to the fourth installment. I am not going to attack the films or Michael Bay’s passion for the projects, I believe he has the talent and that vision for projects with a bigger scale. The man adores to build the sets and explode the sets. It’s a guy thing, I get it. I love that, too. I enjoyed  Transformers (2007) and then marked my calender as soon as the release date for Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (2009) was announced. But, Michael Bay botched the second installment which shattered many hopes. All I enjoyed was its action though, I give Michael Bay credit just for that. And, comes Transformers: Dark Of The Moon (2011), without any hope or excitement I purchased the ticket for it.  I simply wanted to check it out.

What you are going to read next might get you excited if you are looking forward to the next installment. According to Hollywood Reporter, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner stated Monday at their third quarter earnings conference that they are currently in active discussions with studio partners Paramount, Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg regarding a potential fourth and fifth  Transformers movie with Shia Labeouf not returning. This clears the way for a new name to be written. May be, Jason Statham, for it was stated earlier. The toy giant has slew of films in development, but Goldner stated that they are not going to make their films like Marvel. Hasbro’s Micronauts script is being written with JJ Abrams at Paramount, and the Monopoly, Risk and Clue scripts are also being worked on, according to the CEO. Plus, other projects are also in the works, even though they have not been announced yet, he added.

As I said it before I am fond of the concept of robots interacting with humans. Big action sequences and all. It’s an adventure and we all love that. That’s why studios sign the dotted lines with the makers. They put a price tag on the project and when films like this hit the theaters people stand in the lines.  Whether they come  up with a new installment or not, I don’t care much about it. And, if they do, I hope the studios select a different name to helm the project. I am not against Mr. Michael Bay, but I would love to see someone else with a different vision. On July 2011, an article was published right after the release of Transformers 3. In it was stated that Michael Bay will not return  for Transformers. Let’s see if that’s true.