‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Prologue attached to ‘Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocal’ in IMAX

Things are just getting and better when it comes to The Dark Knight Rises. Yesterday we reported that Mr. Nolan is going to shoot few important scenes in New York just to capture the Wall Street Protests to use the protesters as backdrop, and now according to /Film the six minute ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Prologue is attached to Mr. Brad Bird’s first live action film, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocal in IMAX.  This is certainly a great news for all of us, for the release date of The Dark Knight Rises is in summer of 2012. So this gives us all the opportunity to view the first few minutes of one of the most anticipated films on one of the best screens in the world.

This bright marketing strategy from both Warner Bros. and Paramount is definately going to work in their favor, but Warner Bros. is not new to such strategy though. They did something similar back in 2007 when they attached the opening sequence of The Dark Knight in front of I Am Legend. Some extensive scenes for both films are shot in IMAX, making it the format of choice for exhibition.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocal is going to hit the screens on December 16 exclusively five days before its official release date of December 21. This means we will get to have a glimpse of The Dark Knight Rises earlier. Now, “let’s put a smile on that face” and head to IMAX come December.