Scorsese on family, filmmaking, Hugo and Legacy

Oscar-winning filmmaker, Martin Scorsese whose credit includes films like Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, The DepartedShutter Island doesn’t really need any introduction, but it’s essential to mention his outstanding list of timeless classics. Mr. Scorsese, who is turning 69 years old on November 17th recently sat with The Hollywood Reporter’s senior film writer Jay Fernandez where he gets personal about filmmaking inspirations, family, his legacy and insecurities.

I thought to share this incredible piece of interview on our site, for it’s the very first time Mr. Scorsese who has changed the face of cinema and inspired so many other artists all these years goes in-depth on this interesting and palatable one on one chat. Below is an exerpt from the interview with THR:

Scorsese traces his devotion to film preservation and restoration back to the emotional limitations of his childhood. The younger of two brothers in a very Old World immigrant New York family that lived in Queens and then the Lower East Side tenements, he repeatedly was told to keep his childish opinions to himself. As an asthma sufferer, he was always sick, which meant sports and pets were off limits, leaving him with an external and internal life that only could be opened in a movie theater. “It really opened up things that I wasn’t allowed to say much,” Scorsese says. “I wasn’t allowed to express my feelings about anybody or anything. These emotions and these questions that were being asked in my head and in my heart, a lot of this was being addressed in the films I saw.”

To read this  interview click here or click here to study the complete THR cover story to get to know Martin Scorsese more. And, below is the video of director James Cameron and Martin Scorsese talking 3D and its impact on any subject.

‘Hugo’ is opening in 3D on November 23, 2011.