Brad Bird’s Mission Impossible

The wait is finally over for me and I am sure for others as well, who were eagerly expecting the release of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocal. The film was released on December 16, 2011 in IMAX only, and next week it will be released in all screens. But, make sure to catch the film in a IMAX screen near you, for it is worth it. At first, when this was announced, I was a little bit skeptical and that is because I read director Brad Bird’s name was written as the director for the fourth installment of Mission Impossible series.  I don’t think animation is inferior, I was just never intrigued by animated films. Then I saw films like Toy Story, Ice Age, Up, and the 1988 Japanese animated war tragedy film, Grave of the Fireflies. The reason I mentioned animated films, for Brad Bird comes from that camp, he has directed successful films like The Iron Giant, The Incredibles, Ratatouille and I was worried, for Mission Impossible is his first ever live action film.

The trailers convinced me and put my mind back in the Mission Impossible mode. I love the whole franchise and I wanted something perfect and fun. Yes, John Woo’s take on the second installment saddened me a bit and I am sure there are some who will agree with me on that one, but J.J Abrams jumped on the franchise and  saved it with Mission Impossible 3. With the fourth installment what really intrigued me was when it was announced that director Brad Bird like Christopher Nolan is also intrigued with the use real IMAX cameras. That is special as far as I see, for that gives the audience the chance of sitting in front of a real screen to experience what really cinema screen stands for.  So, yesterday, December 16th, I walked in to AMC’s IMAX and purchased two tickets one for my father and one for myself. My father is a fan of cinema as much as I am. In fact, it is he who introduced me to films when I was 7 years old. Standing in the line, I was telling him the beauty of why film-makers like Christopher Nolan and Brad Bird likes to see their audiences experience their films in IMAX screens. He is a fan of Tom Cruise just like I am, and he would see the film just like me even if the film would not be in IMAX.

We were fourth in the line and got ourselves good seats. I just love the smell of theater and the big screen in front of you showing you a world, where insteresting characters doing impossible things. I am talking about any good film not just Mission Impossible. Fast forward, the film starts. The sound is unbelievable. And, the action starts. My eyes were glued to the giant screen. And, when the credits started rolling in the end, my father and I looked at each other and just smiled. I could see the reflection of screen’s light in his smile and I am sure he saw the same reaction on my face. We were both satisfied. And, I believe Mr. Bird achieved his goal here. The audiences stood and started applauding for about 15 to 20 seconds. I am waiting for that day to experience every film in IMAX. I want that day to come soon, so film-makers start shooting the whole film in IMAX. They can’t shoot the film in IMAX now, for it is heavy, loud, and expensive. But, that would be a magical day to see a film being shot entirely with IMAX cameras.

Mission Impossible 4 starts with a bang and ends with a bang. Meaning that it is incredibly fun film to watch with great cinematography, action sequences, chases, explosions, gun shots, fist fights, breathtaking Burj Khalifa scene, beautiful women, and performances. Brad Bird has not only consecrated here on action, but on his characters as well. Adding Jereme Renner is a very clever move. That just changed the game and added more spice to the franchise. He is an incredible actor, and I cannot wait to see him in the next installment. Tom Cruise, I don’t even have the words to descibe his dedication and passion here. He has contributed a lot to the cinema and to this franchise. It is sad that this is his final Mission Impossible film. It is also great to see him passing the torch to someone else. I don’t have any problem with that. He will be missed though. Since it is his last Mission Impossible and since it is a awesome film, I say to everyone to experience this film in IMAX only. Yes, the ticket price at the box office window is a little bit pricy, but it is worth it. Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocal is the best in the whole franchise. Brad Bird has impressed me. And, I am looking forward to see more of his work. It is too early to say this, and we all know that Mr. Christopher Nolan is not going to helm another batman film for Warner Bros. after The Dark Knight Rises. If they  come up with a poll to vote for a director to helm the next batman film and if Brad Bird’s name is there, I will vote for Brad Bird.

Mission ImpossibleGhost Protocal: Now Playing in IMAX & selected theatres. In theatres everywhere December 21, 2011.