David Fincher: No more early screenings for anyone on earth

This whole muddle was caused by critic David Denby of New Yorker when he broke the embargo and penned a review of upcoming film, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which is directed by David Fincher and produced by Scott Rudin. David Denby finished his review of the film and then New Yorker published it in their latest issue, which just hit the newstands. This angered Fincher and Rudin, Fincher stated New Yorker critic David Denby was “lousy and immoral” to break the embargo and review the film early on December 5th.

And, Scott Rudin in an email to David Denby, which was published in Indiewire, wrote:

You’ve very badly damaged the movie by doing this, and I could not in good conscience invite you to see another movie of mine again. I can’t ignore this, and I expect that you wouldn’t either if the situation were reversed. I’m really not interested in why you did this except that you did — and you must at least own that, purely and simply, you broke your word to us and that that is a deeply lousy and immoral thing to have done. If you weren’t prepared to honor the embargo, you should have done the honorable thing and said so before you accepted the invitation.”

Reading the emails back and forth that Mr. Rudin and Mr. Denby shared you will learn that the review of the film is not negative. Whether it’s negative or positive, I agree with Scott Rudin here, for Denby chose not to honor the embargo and broke his word. That’s a fact. Now the question is, is this going to damage the ticket sales? The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo releases on December 21st, 2011. I don’t think there will be any shortage of ticket sales, the review is positive, and the book, which is the superstar of the film itself is an international best-seller. Mr. Rudin must also comprehend this that it is a David Fincher film. Meaning that he is a master film-maker. Banning Denby from their future film screenings is an action I would probably take as well, for producers are in the money making business and they always are in fear of losing money. But, banning someone for a long time, I think that is too much, how about Mr. Rudin ban Mr. Denby just for a while not forever, for there is something we all know and that is… Lesson learned!