The following links and resources are compiled to help all aspiring artists – film-makers, writers, composers, cinematographers, producers to connect with useful information. In life, we believe that nothing is impossible to achieve; everything has to start from somewhere, though. Right?


Paramount Pictures
Disney Pictures
Warner Brothers
Universal Pictures
20th Century Fox
Dreamworks SKG
Lions Gate Films


The Writers Guild of America (West)
The Writers Guild of America (East)
The Producers Guild of America
The Directors Guild of America
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences
American Film Market Association
Screen Actors Guild
Independent Film
Next Gen Femmes
Black Hollywood Education and Resources Center


Nicholls Fellowship
Final Draft
Keep Writing (David Trottier)
ABC/Disney Project
Chesterfield Writer’s Project
Sundance Institute Writer’s Project
Creative Writing Magazine
Hollywood Lit Sales
The Austin Heart of Texas Film Festival
Cinequest Film Festival/Screenwriting Competition


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