The Dark Knight Rises in pictures and Batcave details

About six more months to wait and then we will be standing the long line with the The Dark Knight Rises tickets in our hands talking about The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, and of course, Bane and The Joker. One of the most anticipated films of the year, Christopher Nolan’s final batman film, The Dark Knight Rises plot is set eight years apart from what we saw in the end of The Dark Knight; the batman escapes while police dogs chasing him and commissioner James Gordon tells his son what Batman is. That he is not a hero, he is the dark knight.

I just did not wanted to let this interesting story and picture pass by. Entertainment Weekly recently shared six interesting stills from the film, which you can view here. What’s interesting is that their new issue also divulges small details regarding the batcave. And, also few things that Nolan and Bale shared with all of us.


On the secret headquarters of the Caped Crusader, it is said that “the set, which occupies most of a massive L.A. soundstage, is extraordinary for being exactly what it needs to be. Just a big old cave.”

 “One with a working waterfall that feeds a subterranena lake, as well as a concrete platform that rises up from the watery deep and hides secret plastic cabinetry that can pop up from the floor with the press of a button,” so stated the mag.

Bale and Nolan:

As for Nolan, when he was asked from where he got the inspiration for Gotham city in “The Dark Knight Rises”, he said that he and his brother Jonathan were inspired by Charles Dicken’s “A Tale of Two Cities” and the silent cinema of Fritz Lang, which was then adapted to the film’s landmark Metropolis.

In the interview, Bale additionally opened up about his feeling when he had to wear the Batsuit for the last time. He shared, “My last day in the suit was also the last day of shooting for me. I was in New York, on top of a downtown skyscraper. The day began with Morgan Freeman and then ended with Anne Hathaway. I got to say goodbye from within the batcowl.”

“It was very quiet, just a couple people there. But in the midst of it, I said, ‘Hold on a sec. Let me take a moment. This is it. I’m never going to have this claustrophobia again!’,” he continued. “So I had to pause. I had to.” Bale added, “It’s a fascinating thing, that suit, don’t you think? And since I am generally within it, I actually don’t get to see it that often. Not the way that other people do. I can tell you the truth because I’m done with it: I felt immense pressure. And I think it’s good pressure because you owe it to the films, and the people’s expectations, to make great work.”

The film will hit the massive screens of IMAX on July 20, 2012, where we will see what consequences Bane (Tom Hardy) is going to face once The Dark Knight decides to Rise. Or, how the legend ends.