Point of View: Prometheus

The point of view section of Masters of Cinema, focusing on Prometheus marks the first review of a new cinematic release. As a reader, no one must worry or be concerned, for the review contains no spoilers. Perhaps, this is more like an observation than a review, for I am focusing more on the plot, and especially the questions that are raised in the film.

We the audience, who some refer to as movie-goers very rarely see original concepts on the screens of cinema in the contemporary society that we live in. It is quite unfortunate if you think about it. The audiences don’t get the opportunity today to see originality, and that is why today majority of the audiences’ mind are set in the corridor of straightforwardness.  What I am trying to define is that originality in some corners of Hollywood is fading. It is possible for some to not feel what I am feeling, which is absolutely fine with me. Perhaps, it is the sense of the writer in me that is making my mind and heart to think in such way. Prometheus is a film that I have been waiting for a long time; it is directed by one of my all-time favorite film-makers, Ridley Scott, whose work I dearly admire. We know that Mr. Scott is behind films like Alien, Blade Runner, and Gladiator. Mentioned titles mark not the only ones in this film-maker’s resume though. Mr. Scott’s been involved in exploring different genres for many years, and Prometheus marks the film-maker’s journey back to sci-fi genre. A genre that in my opinion, he helped defined and paved a way for today’s film-makers and writers. All these years, after personally watching Blade Runner more than 10 times, I was under the impression that Mr. Scott’s torch has been passed on to different film-makers. But, I am glad that I was wrong, after watching Prometheus, I realized that Mr. Scott’s torch was just turned off and it still belongs to him.

Prometheus is a film of spectacular visuals, and poetic, yet eerie atmosphere from its opening shot to closing shot, it is the presentment of true cinema. This is why we go to films in first place. To see originality, and understand the concept of film-maker’s mind. In 2010, I was mesmerized as an aficionado of cinema and a writer by Christopher Nolan’s timeless classic Inception for its originality, and Mr. Nolan’s artistic work. Today, I will say that is safe to share with everyone my opinion that originality is still breathing in some artists.

Putting aside what Prometheus presents visually, it is the film’s daring, and I should say twisted plot presents to audience something to think about. The film is about discovery, but nothing else. Discovery of humankind’s creator, and asks some essential questions like who are we? Why do we exist in first place? Does God exist?Why do you believe in God? If you believe in God, did your mind ever think about the gravity of trust, faith and most importantly hope. Deep down, Prometheus is emotional and towards the end as our hero, Elizabeth Shaw limned ardently by Noomi Rapace moves on, and I will admit that I felt my eyes were wet and there was a feeling that my eyes were in a boiling point. Life itself, my friends is about discovery and this is what I realized after walking out with my head down thinking about the questions the film asks. Cinema has the audacity to ask us questions and answer it for us, and it also has the right to question us, so we can answer it. So, we can move on and find the true meaning behind life and most importantly the meaning behind our existence. The film also brings the spotlight on religion versus science and science versus religion. No matter, how deep we dive to explore for some odd reason we look up towards the light and say, God, be with us. It is faith in us, after all that is making us to say such thing. Science my friends is defined in the film in a way that it will forever be unanswered. No one should get the film wrong though, it doesn’t downgrade religion in any way, science and discovery of humankind, our origin requires a long journey. The moment, we are born, our little and soft brain inside our skull is the beginning, for big things have small beginnings.

Prometheus today stands in my eyes as one of the most daring films. It is a modern day classic, which is original, bold, stunning, beautiful and artistic; it has no remorse on your feelings whatsoever. It presents to us an emotional journey; a journey with a burning question that some may die without knowing its answer. The question is Does God Exist? – To define the question, it goes like this, were Adam and Eve real? The question can also be defined in this manner, were man once monkeys, who later discovered fire, and learned how to cook a meal? – Who are we?

The opening shot of the film and as our journey brings us to the final shot, which is, by the way a classic cinematic shot defined by Mr. Scott in an artistic manner very reasonably fades out with leaving one to wish for more. To know more, and understand more and see more where our hero will go from here. Some may feel like that Mr. Scott took them to the river and brought them back thirsty, but that’s the beauty of Prometheus, unlike many films it leaves some questions for you to answer this time. And this is what makes the film stand out, and different from majority of the films that we see today.