The Dark Knight Rises: The Journey Ends Here

Prior to July 18, 2008, I was not an aficionado of the superhero known as the ‘Batman.’ Perhaps, it was because of the amount of non-stylish, which I can also define the term as ‘Cheesy’ and too ‘Sweet’ type of other superhero films, except one film, though; a film that fits genre of superhero, yet much more in poetic manner, which is M.Night Shyamalan’s ‘Unbreakable.’ I believe it was because of the tone, message, style, writing and direction of Mr. Shyamalan that challenged me in many ways, and also made me to ask a question: Does Superheroes Exist? – Every day and perhaps as long as I am live ‘Unbreakable’ will remain the father of all superheroes in my heart.

My journey from the world of David Dunn limned by Bruce Willis in Unbreakable slowly brought me finally to a film, or perhaps I should say a world that was presented also in much more artistic manner, and also dark in tone and atmosphere with a compelling story and outstanding performances. – The Dark Knight. There were two main reasons I went to see ‘The Dark Knight’ that one evening; Christopher Nolan’s daring move as an artist has always impressed me. Memento; Insomnia; The Prestige, and Nolan’s personal feelings for cinema, which is something I can relate to. And, of course, Heath Ledger’s first and sadly his last full length feature film with Christopher Nolan. The world of two superheroes that my mind is focused on did not even for one bit asked me to move on and explore as I, truly found nothing else quite impressive when it comes to superhero films. Is that because those superheroes other than David Dunn and the Batman are not good enough? – Or is it because they were not presented the way they should’ve been? My journey with Chris Nolan’s Batman began with The Dark Knight, which introduced me to perceive the beginning of his superhero’s life. – Batman Begins. And, then I fell deep in Nolan’s character’s thoughts and his emotional life; his code and his morals. It was then when I realized that I am truly a fan of the Batman, for like David Dunn, I can relate to Batman as well. Film-making and writing a script is about putting your mind into the mind of your characters in order to present a convincing individual for the screen. Therefore, we have Chris Nolan’s Batman, for such rule of writing and film-making has been followed very enthusiastically.

Walking out that evening after the screening of The Dark Knight with my head down and since I am passionate about cinema, I began to wait for the third installment. This journey full of anticipation lasted four years, and then finally here I am with a mind that is emotional, yet satisfied. I say emotional probably because I am a bit of a sentimental writer. I do shed tears for my characters when I am in the process of writing a dramatic scene. Perhaps my mind here in a way finally perceived the emotional part of Chris Nolan’s as an auteur. As an auteur Nolan daringly and emotionally puts an end to this journey very stylishly, with class. – The Dark Knight Rises. Nolan presents dramatic scenes with convincing dialogues; humor, characters, and stylish action sequences in much larger scale. The power of his camera and his vision with an eye as it is set against the camera means that the man is in the verge of creating his own world full of magic; a world of no non-sense, and impiety to his audience, but meaningful. The Dark Knight Rises masterfully fits in such frame of praise. The Dark Knight Rises is Christopher Nolan’s significant work for a superhero film, especially since it’s his final take on his Batman. Frame by frame the film defines itself to us and shows us that why it is the final take. Besides the perfection of Nolan’s camera and vision, what I really venerate is Nolan’s villain, Bane limned quite passionately by Tom Hardy. Here Nolan puts this character in a situation where he stands as dangerous, godless, and fearless. Yet, Tom Hardy’s performance cannot be compared to Heath Ledger as The Joker. We all understand that and perhaps here Nolan also understands when he wrote the script with his brother Jonathan Nolan that The Joker was a rock-in-the-sea performance, which cannot be touched and moved. Therefore they both didn’t write Bane in a manner to show that Bane is better than The Joker or The Joker was better than Bane. His villains come from their own worlds, and so as Bane. The Dark Knight Rises will stand as one of the best from Nolan, and the bar here is set so high that I believe if one decides to go back to the world of Batman it will be an arduous mission. Perhaps it’s better to let Batman rest and let’s believe that Gotham, where Batman was born is now a safe place to live.