Review: World War Z

World-War-Z-PosterDirector Marc Forster and Brad Pitt’s ‘World War Z’ is that unexpected uppercut, frenetic in nature, right below the chin. It’s a surprise. –  After reading Lauren M. Holson’s five page long intense and informative coverage for Vanity Fair regarding the production and behind the scenes chaos,  “surprise” is the right term. Movies at times positively and negatively surprise us. – Fortunately, World War Z, based loosely on bestselling book of the same name by Max Brooks works. And it’s that movie when you walk out you can’t just sit still and quiet, for one, as a surprised viewer, can’t wait to share the positive reaction with a friend.

Deep in its subtext, hidden behind the chaos, intensity and rushing score by Marco Beltrami, World War Z isn’t exactly a Zombie film. It’s more than that, and respectively also more than just a summer blockbuster. – Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) is our hero. Now, Lane isn’t a hero, who is going to roll up the sleeves, tie his shoes and go on the Zombie hunting business. Brad Pitt’s ‘Gerry Lane’ moves with discipline. Character is realistically written, which the film shows that among such chaos, explosions, screaming, noise and intensity, there has to be someone to make a difference. The script written by ‘Matthew Michael Carnahan,’ ‘Drew Goddard’ and ‘Damon Lindelof’ pushes the character further, even to the very edge, with care. There is enough room in our hearts to offer Gerry Lane to take refuge in its corner. – Or perhaps in your whole heart.

Marc Forster’s zombies classically defines a new look at the genre. Smartly, again here the credit besides Forster goes to the team of writers, who just never fails. Just as they provide room for the characters, zombies here, respectively, yes, I think I can say that, has enough of the world to breathe in. Captured in few sequences, as Zombies move, rapidly, in Bird’s eye-view shot, delivers the sense of coldness over your skin. In the meantime, to come back in the moment of reality, viewers can find themselves on the edge of their seats. There are no cheap scare tactics, because World War Z isn’t cheap. Let’s put it that way. – It’s a heart-pounding feature length film that will challenge the endurance of its viewers.

As Gerry Lane moves on from South Korea to Israel in order to help solve this kind of Chaos in our world, in which when one bite in 12 seconds can turn you into a flesh eating two legged creature, he finds himself in a place, where he does what makes sense. It’s logical. If I were in his shoes, I would do the same. – Mother nature is a serial killer. But she does leave clues behind. Marc Forster’s World War Z is a disaster film, a new classic that amidst intense battle and zombie sequences, we come to realize that it’s a story of a simple man, who is doing what’s right. – Saving his family; his wife and two daughters, who continue to believe in Gerry as much as we do. And in the end, the film, advise us that when it comes to any kind of disaster, be ready to fight back.