Who We Are

Established on October 2011, Masters of Cinema is about the artistic works of passionate and influential filmmakers – auteurs, who innovate and inspire the future generation – a website for the aficionados of great names behind powerful films. The idea of Masters of Cinema is to bring other aspiring artists and also those who are interested in contributing to cinema in any respective field, together so they can express their opinion on film, directing, writing, and  filmmakers.

Our goal is to provide thoughtful, insightful, comprehensive analysis, and often film reviews on the body of the past and contemporary autuers’ artistic works. Our team’s contribution is to bring the spotlight on cinema, filmmakers and the impact of their work through their respective point of views. We are not here to critique a film like most critics; we are here to define the moral of the story. The artistic stroke of the filmmaker and most importantly the impact of the work on the film.